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Crypto Currencies: Get started!

Want to start making a profit with crypto currencies but you're not sure where to start?

Avoid the information overload, hype, and "get rich by tomorrow" scams. Keep it simple and be careful because a lot of the information online is either old and obscolete or just plain wrong this book gives your perfect launch pad to start investing.

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10 things you will learn in this book that will blow your mind: What does “backed by gold” actually mean?Will cryptocurrencies replace fiat currencies?Can an internet outage destroy cryptocurrencies?Does mining really create cryptocurrencies? (Hint: It doesn’t)Is a maximum amount of Bitcoin really good for a currency?How do I get a cryptocurrency account if no one is in charge?Are cryptocurrencies better than fiat currencies?Is blockchain the only solution for decentralization?Which technology will win? (Hint: Not the best one!)Can you lose a coin?…

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